Finding The Right Outfit

The hardest part for most people once they've booked their photography session is figuring out what to wear. Hopefully I'll be able to make it a little bit easier! In this post I will cover;

  • Tips on choosing the right outfit
  • Colour palettes to help you with colour choices
  • Where to buy the perfect outfit based on budget
  • Options for if you don't want to buy something new OR if you buy something new you know you'll never wear again! (There's an option for that you ask?? YES!)

Let's talk colours!

Choose one person to start with then build everyone else's outfit around it. You want to choose colours that compliment each other or that are similar shades, not 'matchy matchy'. It is also important to think about the location too when choosing your colour scheme. I've put together some colour palettes below for some inspiration. The great thing about these is that most of them all work together, so you can safely choose colours from each without having to worry too much.

The last thing I'll say about colours is, please try to avoid wearing black. Yes, black can be slimming but often in photos black will take the focus away from what is most important, you!


Too many patterns can make a photo look busy and take the attention away from the most important part, and that's you! Choose one statement piece and dress everyone else in solid colours. You can add texture through knits, lace details etc.

Logos & Text

If possible avoid large logos and text, particularly with the guys and the kids. They can be distracting and take away from the image and especially logos on children's t-shirts can date an image too and I want your images to be timeless.

Plan For The Environment!

There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable in an outfit, whether you're too hot or too cold or have blisters on your feet, it's not going to matter if your outfit was perfect because the discomfort will come through in your body language and children certainly will be less likely to participate! If you need to, think about layers that you can take on or off easily to get the look you want. If you feel good, you will look good. Choose something that gives you freedom of movement that won't need adjusting too much throughout the session.

Where To Find The Perfect Outfit

If you don't want to spend money on a new outfit that you may or may not wear again, you have three options.

Firstly, there's the Client Wardrobe but it is mostly suitable for maternity, newborn or motherhood sessions.

The second option is through Mama Rentals where you can rent an outfit and get 15% off just for being a client of Angelica James Photography.

This brings us to the third option. Maybe you've bought a dress already or you really have your eye on a new one and you know you're not going to wear it again... this option is for you! If you donate your dress to Angelica James's client wardrobe after your shoot and have proof of purchase, you will get the number of images added to your package that match the value of the dress. This is only applicable to packages where all images aren't already included, but it can include children/baby clothing as well. Reach out to find out more if this is something you're interested in!

If you're really stuck, don't be afraid to ask for help! I'm happy to answer any questions and talk through outfits with you.

Angelica xx