Hi, I'm Angelica.

I'm a mum, an educator, a coffee drinker, nature lover and memory catcher.

I love documentary style photography because I have the freedom of capturing real moments, no fake posing here! But I will gently guide you if I see the need for it. I originally trained as a teacher, a job that I have loved for many years and I still do, but after my son was born I needed a change of pace. Even when I was teaching, I was constantly studying photography, working on my skills and doing occasional freelance work. Photography had always been something that filled my cup at the end of a rough day or a rough week or when I just needed to do something for myself. Professionally I've had 7 years experience but plenty more before that. I have now been published twice in international photography magazines!

I would describe myself as very calm, relaxed and highly motivated which is exactly what I bring to my sessions. I like you to feel calm and relaxed too, but know that I'm also working hard to create the best images and the best experience.

I'm a natural light photographer so I don't have a studio or backdrops or any of those things. I love beautiful landscapes and the cozy corners in homes or gardens.

As a child I was obsessed with looking through photo albums.. actually I still am! Moments in time, frozen. I could see what places were like, what people looked like, in a time when I didn't even exist. That to me, is the next best thing to real magic.

That's what I want to create for you. Your own piece of magic. Moments frozen in time to reflect on and share with generations to come.

Just as you've just read about my story, I'd love the chance to get to know yours.

These gorgeous images are taken by my friend Brooke Stevens Photography.