The best kind of secret.

Did you know that usually the best time for a maternity session is between 28 and 34 weeks? Did you also know that most of the time mums-to-be book at almost the last minute.

Every time they say it's a feeling, that they hadn't had all the way along but suddenly they just needed to capture this time. I felt it too but I left it too late to have the experience I wished for. So I get nervous. I get really nervous that I won't be able to fit these beautiful women in, or the weather won't give me a chance because I so desperately want to help.

Sometimes it happens too late because we don't want to celebrate anything too soon. We guard our hearts and that's perfectly ok too. I couldn't share this until after the little one had arrived. The best kind of secret. If you can, book ahead. I want to create some beautiful memories for you to remember this magical time. (P.S - How stunning and brave is Rosie! It was 8 degrees!!)

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