Even if you've been dreaming of this day for as long as you can remember, our preferences can change, trends can change and our dreams can change. Choosing a colour palette for your wedding can be fun and exciting, but maybe a little overwhelming!

So here are some tips to help get you started;

  1. The Season - This can be a great starting point. For a summer wedding, you might want bright bold colours, pastels in spring or deep rich hues in Autumn and Winter. Speak to florists to find out which flowers will be in season in the colours you're thinking of.
  2. The Venue - What are the colours in your wedding venue? Will they complement your colour palette?
  3. Your Personal Style - You could look at using your favourite colour, favourite flower or other things that are symbolic to your and your relationship as a starting point.
  4. The Wedding Theme - If you have a theme for example rustic and natural, boho or elegant - this could help guide your colour choices too.
  5. Keep it Simple - Don't feel like you need to choose lots of colours. 1 - 3 is fine and you can build around it if need be.
  6. Never underestimate the power of Pinterest - There you can find sample colour palettes that fit with your theme. The possibilities are endless. As a photographer, I really love it when couples share their Pinterest boards with me too, it really helps me to get a clear vision of their day.

I hope you're now feeling less overwhelm and more excitement about planning your day!