Gift ideas you'll want to know about!

Are you struggling to find the perfect gift and want to make it meaningful? What could be more meaningful than memories of loved ones to keep forever. Read below for ideas on how to make it happen.

Let's start simple - Gift Vouchers

While vouchers might not be for everyone - as I know they can seem a little less personal. In this case, think of it more as an opportunity for something bigger. There might be someone in your life that just needs that little extra push to capture some memories or get those photos up on the wall.

Prints & Print products

If you've ever had a session with me, here are some beautiful options available from within your gallery!




Prints and framed products are available directly within your gallery that can be sent to your door with just a few clicks.

Want something more unique?

Love JK is a trusted print partner of Angelica James Photography and provides gorgeous gifts such as memory blocks, cards, gift wrap, calendars and almost everything you could dream of. All clients of AJP receive an exclusive discount on their products. They're reasonably priced and incredible quality. Perfect as a gift or styling your own home.

Know someone who wants to be able to document more memorable moments themselves?

Check out my mini course. 12 weeks worth of challenges to help you capture gorgeous memories of parenthood with you in the frame! You'll find tips to keep you accountable plus my favourite apps and tips for the perfect image in camera without external apps. There are plenty of ideas for what to do with your images after too!

Best of all... Book a session!

If you were waiting for an excuse, this is it! Spoil your partner with a date night photography session or capture some beautiful family memories with the ones you love. Click here to book.

For more ideas of beautiful gifts for loved ones, feel free to contact me for a chat or get in touch about any of the options above. I can't wait to see which gift you'll choose!

Angelica x