It's true what they say about how time flies. It really does. I don't think the impact of that really takes effect until you become a parent and you see before your very eyes how fast they grow. The first year? Faster than anything else. So I've put together this list of the different sessions you might want to book when you have a baby.


Growing a baby and the way that the body changes is nothing short of magical. My own biggest regret is not documenting this stage in my life. The first time, I didn't realise it was something I wanted. When that chance came for me again, we were all in lockdown and nothing I did myself could compare to hiring another photographer. It isn't just a celebration of the baby but more a celebration of the mother. How strong and brave she is. No matter how you may be feeling in your pregnancy, take it from someone who missed the chance, you will never regret having these images, but you might regret it if you don't.

The Birth

From the moments leading up to the birth, the delivery and everything that follows immediately afterwards. This session captures the raw and emotional moments of childbirth. Pain, joy, excitement and everything in between. I will work closely with you to understand your plans, your wishes for the photos. I will discreetly capture these moments using only the available light. It's a beautiful way to document contractions, the baby's very first moments of life and the reactions of the parents and medical staff. It's something very personal and I will capture it all in a way that is authentic, emotional and respectful. I didn't know this was something I wanted. With my first I didn't get any photos. With my second, it all happened so fast but an assisting midwife grabbed my phone without a second thought and photographed and filmed the whole thing. They're iPhone quality.. but actually having the moments my daughter entered the world is something so special. They're not the kind of images I'd share with anyone outside our immediate family, but to me they are perfect.

Fresh 48

This session takes place in the 48 hours after the baby is born. It captures the first few hours of baby's life. First expressions, movements and details of their tiny features. It is perfect for families where there is an older sibling to capture their first meeting and reactions. They may take place at the hospital or at home, depending on where you are and the rules the hospital has in place. This can be an extra special session to share with family and friends who couldn't be there in person. This option has only opened back up recently with the easing of restrictions.


In that first month, baby's are still so small and sleepy. It's the perfect time to capture their tiny features while they're still so little. After 28 days, baby's become more alert and start sleeping a little less and you start to see more of their personality shine through. For a newborn session I tentatively book a date 2 weeks after your due date to give us some wiggle room if baby decides to arrive early or late while still making sure we capture them in those first few weeks.


As your baby grows you might choose to capture particular milestones such as sitting, crawling or walking or even at different intervals such as 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. Maybe its to document the end of your breastfeeding journey. These can be beautiful for for not only documenting your family but your baby's development too. All the magic that happens in that first year happens so fast.

Cake Smash

This is a fun and popular trend to celebrate baby turning one with their first taste of birthday cake! It's always fun to see their expressions and to make a bit of mess!

Turning One

Maybe the last time you had a photo all together was the newborn session. Time really does fly. Maybe a cake smash isn't your cup of tea, but you really want some photos all together celebrating all the successes and obstacles that happened throughout the year. This is the perfect option for you.

There are so many different options and you can choose as many or as little as you like. Before baby is born, particularly around the second trimester, think about the moments that are most important for you to capture. It's good to start booking these things in as soon as you know.

I will be putting out a model call for a birth AND fresh 48 session later in 2023 so if this is something you're interested in, please get in contact, I'd love to hear from you!