5 Tips To Help You Prepare For Your Newborn Photography Session

The minute you hold that baby in your arms, your lives will change forever. Your heart will explode and you'll want to memorise every detail.. the way they smell, those cute baby yawns, their tiny feet and their little hands grasping your finger. You won't have truly understood why other parents say that time goes way too fast until now. Before I had my first, the best piece of advice I actually received wasn't about what to do or how to care for him, but that newborns really are only newborns for thirty days. After that they become real little babies and I had to soak up every moment because it was so fleeting. So that's exactly what I did. I soaked in every moment I could and even in the difficult moments I knew it wouldn't last. I cherish that time even more now because I just didn't get that same time with my second. I was always chasing after a toddler and the only moments we really had to stop and soak each other in were when my toddler slept. When you book your newborn session, it should be stress free and relaxed. These tips should help you get organised so that you don't have to worry about a thing on the day.


Plan Ahead

Please don't wait until the baby is born to book your session. Scheduling ahead means that we will both be prepared when baby arrives. You will want to be enjoying that newborn bubble not stressing about getting a date for session or what to wear. I'm often booked a few months in advance. The best time to think about booking is around the second trimester.


Keeping Baby Happy

To make sure you get those beautiful sleepy baby shots, keep baby awake before the shoot. Then give them a feed 20 - 30 minutes before I arrive. This way it is more likely your baby will be asleep for most of it. Sometimes though, baby just likes to go by their own schedule which is why I allow plenty of time for feeding/changing/soothing during our session. Your baby will also spend most of the time in your arms where they feel comfortable and safe with some solo shots in between. If you're wanting to have some gorgeous shots of baby nude or mostly nude during the shoot, make sure your home is warm to keep baby happy.

Styling Your Family

I know that the last thing you want to worry about is outfits. To make this as easy as possible I have a client wardrobe available for both mum and baby if need be and offer as much or as little assistance you need in the lead up to your session. You can find more general advice about colour palettes and styling here.

Don't worry about the mess!

While you're adjusting to life as parents of a new beautiful baby, the last thing on your mind is the state of your house. It is completely normal and honestly, the pile of washing can wait while you soak in those beautiful moments with your baby. As long as you have one or two rooms clear of clutter, that is completely fine. I may have to move one or two things around if I need to, but don't worry I'll always consult you first.

If your session is outdoors

Some families choose to have an outdoor newborn session and they can be absolutely beautiful. Here are some things to consider;

  • Sometimes if it's glarey/windy/cold/hot it can make baby more unsettled.
  • Arrive at the location early (20ish minutes) and feed baby when you arrive. It gives baby time to adjust to a new environment and a full tummy is usually a happy tummy.
  • I will have some blankets, swaddles and outfits but be sure to bring some spares of your own.

A few last things to consider

  • If baby becomes unsettled, you’ll want to have a few things ready — a dummy (if they have one), a bottle of formula/breastmilk, a swaddling blanket, and a couple of fresh nappies.
  • If there is something special you want to include, like a blanket/toy/heirloom let me know.
  • You may not be feeling ready for photos quite yet, adjusting to becoming a mum is a huge deal but getting in the photos with your baby will create some memories you’ll both treasure forever.
  • Try to wear neutral colours (for more on what to wear click here)
  • Try to avoid chunky jewelry and watches, which can be distracting and take the focus away from where it should be. Especially things like smart watches will look dated years from now. Strive for timeless photos that will be staples in your home for decades to come.

I can't wait to meet your newest addition!