When it comes to newborn photography, there are many different styles which can make choosing the right style for you, a challenge. Especially if you've found yourself without much time to plan (which can happen).

I want to take you through how my newborn sessions unfold.


I prefer to run newborn sessions from your home. It's often where baby feels most comfortable with familiar sounds, smells and everything you need at your fingertips. I bring everything to you. My posing beanbag, an outfit for mum (if required) and a variety of swaddles and outfit choices for baby.


We'll schedule a time when your baby is typically at their calmest. For most, it's early in the morning when they're fresh from (hopefully) a bit of extra sleep.

Natural Light

We'll make the most of natural light by using the room that has the most light and close to the window, allowing soft, diffused sunlight to create a beautiful natural glow.

Creating Coziness

In the lead up to your session my preparation guide encourages making sure your house is nice and warm. I'll make it extra snuggly with soft blankets, pillows and often using your own furniture as props.

Less is More

I like to focus on your baby's natural beauty. There are minimal props, incorporating only meaningful items like a cherished toy or a family heirloom.

Family Moments

For families who have other children, I'll be capturing beautiful moments of the whole family cuddling, siblings sharing sweet moments and maybe even a grandparents loving gaze, if you choose to have them involved too.

Little Details

You can expect close up shots of those tiny little details like fingers, toes and eyelashes. Maybe baby's tiny hand wrapped around yours.

Patience and Comfort

Newborns can be unpredictable. This is why the minimum amount of time for a newborn session is 1 hour. It gives us time for feeding, changing and settling. I'll be patient, flexible and happy to help with anything you need. I've done it all before myself.

Telling Your Story

I'll embrace the natural chaos and charm of those early days with your newborn. When the moment arises I'll be there to capturing nappy changes, skin to skin cuddles and even baby having a bath if you'd like. My aim is to tell the story of how your baby came to fit perfectly within your family. Genuine emotion, connection and highlighting the beautiful natural features of your newest little love.

My approach is to turn these first few days or weeks into everlasting memories. Images you can look at and be transported right back to that moment. An image that triggers your memory of that newborn smell, the sound of their cries and happy coos, that blanket that your great grandmother made. All of those things. I can't wait to document these memories for you.

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